Can Tascam digital recorders make studio quality music?

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When people think of home studio set ups, they see additions onto houses and rooms full of expensive equipment that rarely if ever even gets used throughout the process of capturing music digitally. The truth of the matter is that many music artists recording from their own homes aren’t using thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of gear. Tascam digital recorders have had a lot to do with the changing face of independent releases of high quality audio albums.

From their beginnings with analog 4 track recorders which recorded to a tape, Tascam has always been a name to know in music production. Today they have dozens of current digital models boasting a range of features that have all but eliminated the need to have an entire studio arrangement at all. A good example of this is the modestly priced Tascam D-0008.

This particular device (and every model above its price range offered by Tascam) is loaded with features, the most notable of which is the dual on board condenser microphones. These high quality mics can compete with some of the commonly used standalone condenser mics, which can save you money if you haven’t already purchased them. In addition, the device will support whatever mics you might already have, condensers included, and even provide the phantom power required to see their peak performance.

Two track simultaneous recording is another key feature that is not entirely common to opposing digital recording rigs out there. The D-0008 offers eight tracks worth of function, recorded one or two at a time. Other models offer more tracks to record to, and more elaborate multi track recording functionality.

As this and nearly every other Tascam recording device is designed to be standalone from computer software and other equipment, the device is also able to mix and master the recordings on the spot. You simply adjust the faders of the individual recorded tracks until they are mixed to your liking. Once you have them at the appropriate levels, you can take the entire composition into a mastering function which can automatically master your creation for you, or allow you to manually adjust settings to what you prefer.

This device, and others from the Tascam recorder line, have virtually eliminated the need for external mixing and mastering software which required large sound boards and computers with high processing speeds. If you still require studio suite software like Pro Tools or Ableton, a quick USB connection to the device can quickly move recorded tracks into computer software for further editing and effects.

The short answer to whether Tascam digital recorders can produce studio quality music is yes. Home studios are not guaranteed to produce professional studio sound, but these powerful portable devices have managed to pack the quality of a professional studio into a box you can fit in a backpack. Considering the thousands that could be spent to get the same results that a portable home studio device could produce for a fraction of that projected home studio equipment cost, it seems to be a more frugal approach as well.

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