What is the best music recording software?

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I have tried many music recording software including FL Studio, Logic, and ProTools. So far Ableton Live is by far my favorite for many reasons. I have found that the work flow of Live seems to inspire creativity as I use the multitude of tools and plugins. If you are interested in using any type of MIDI controller you do not have to worry about set up or reprogramming any of the MIDI control buttons. Live has a large library of existing MIDI controllers and you only need to select the one you have and the knobs, keys, or pads on your controller are automatically programmed to the right place.

The user tutorial is also very easy to understand and is great at enabling you to quickly pick the program and start making music. A key feature of the best music recording software is the ability to publish your recording for other or yourself to listen to outside of the program. You can publish your whole track or just sections of what you want into a MP3 file very easily, as well as sending directly to your SoundCloud page. This is great for bedroom producers and experienced recorders alike. Another great feature that I love is how quick you can cut and store samples of your choosing. The slice and warp tools make it fun to get precise samples from your source material. The whole UI of the program is extremely friendly and importing your source material is as simple as drag and dropping into a audio track.

If MIDI controllers are your focus, Live has a great variety of preset instruments that can be tweaked for all types of genres. If some how you can't find a instrument you like, you can download more plugins and presets made by other users from around the globe. This idea of being connected with fellow producers makes Ableton Live the best music recording software. The amount of variety Live offers is unmatched by other programs, producers such as Daft Punk to Ski Beats utilize the inherently creative workflow of Live to inspire them and their listeners.

Whether you are looking for to wet your feet in the world of music recording and production, or a veteran in the field, Live has something for you. Launching the program is very quick and this allows you to bring life your inspiration as soon as it strikes. I believe anyone can pick up the program and have a basic understanding in less than a hour. This is a huge advantage over other software as their learning curve seems unnecessarily high. Another feature I really enjoy is being able to send your unfinished projects to others. If your friends or colleagues are also using Live you can send the project file and they will see exactly what you did when first recorded the track. This leaves room for constructive criticism and exposure to other creative ways of thinking. I would recommend Ableton to everyone and everyone.

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